Isodetect analyzes the isotope ratios of in a wide variety of compounds (e.g. in water, gases, CHC, BTEX, PAH, MHC).

  • Carbon (13C/12C and 14C)
  • Hydrogen (2H/1H and 3H)
  • Nitrogen (15N/14N)
  • Chlorine (37Cl/35Cl)
  • Sulphur (34S/32S)
  • Oxygen (18O/16O)

Isodetect’s analytical methods are based on internationally established standard procedures recommended by environmental authorities (IAEA, US EPA, LABO, Drinking Water Ordinance). We strictly adhere to the rules of good analytical practice and document all analysis steps.

Isodetect masters a large number of methods for determining isotopes, concentrations and molecular genetic parameters. These methods can be flexibly adapted to the specific needs of each investigation, for example through special temperature programs or GC columns. We prefer these optimizing options to the use of rigid, possibly certified protocols. In addition, we directly take over the innovative analytical know-how of the research laboratories in Munich and Leipzig that we cooperate with, which we also continuously develop in our own R&D projects.