Additional Investigations on Drinking Water Quality

As part of groundwater dating, Isodetect is carrying out further investigations into the quality of drinking water under current Drinking Water Regulations. These include radiological assessments, microbiological tests and trace substance analyzes (for example on pesticides or other pollutants). In Bavaria, in cooperation with certified samplers, we offer the entire logistical work to collect and forward the samples to certified laboratories to finally provide a summary of the analysis results.

Comprehensive sampling for a detailed groundwater survey.


Detailed groundwater investigations on micropollutants require a high logistical effort for the sampling, analysis and summarizing of the results. In addition, they are often combined with special analyzes for trace substances or isotopes.

The number of micropollutants, which potentially but also de facto endanger the groundwater, has become almost unmanageable in recent decades. There are thousands of commercially traded chemicals whose toxicity is sporadic (especially with regard to possible toxic degradation products). European and national environmental authorities control this development with various directives and amendments (for example REACH, European Water Framework Directive and Groundwater Directive, German Drinking Water Ordinance). However, experienced experts and laboratories are needed to understand the enormous dynamics of these hazards in the practice of groundwater assessment.

Isodetect identifies micropollutants with innovative mass spectrometric methods. Due to many years of cooperation with specialized laboratories and ecotoxicologists, we have the facilities for certified analysis and toxicity assessment. In this context, isotope hydrological investigations are often of great value.

Reference activity concentrations for radioactive substances in drinking water.

Radiological Evaluation

The analysis of certain radioactive isotopes must evaluate potential radiation risks to adults and toddlers. Isodetect follows international and national guidelines for the investigation and assessment of radioactive substances in drinking water. We calculate the legally relevant activity concentrations and ingestion doses from radiological analyzes (e.g., Rn-222, Cs-137, Pb-210, Po-210). The basis for the assessment is a set of reference activity concentrations calculated by the legislator for a dose of 0.1 mSv/a taking into account ingestion dose coefficients for adults and a consumption of 730 liters of drinking water per year.