Environmental Monitoring by Isotope and Microbial Tools

Precise Prospection of Processes Pays.

ISODETECT explores contaminated sites, groundwater and energy reservoirs.

Our isotope analyses and microbial examinations are the key to elucidate biological and geochemical processes. We assess the degradation of pollutants in contaminated sites, the liability of polluters, the safety of drinking water ressources or the origin of natural gas.

ISODETECT works for engineering companies, drinking water suppliers, exploration companies, research institutes and environmental authorities. Our experts in Munich and Leipzig will find efficient solutions for your applied objectives. As an innovative, research-oriented company we gladly accept challenges.

Key Information

Isodetect investigates

  • stable isotopes of pollutants, redox indicators, water and gases
  • microcosms from contaminated aquifers (Bactraps) and in the laboratory
  • pollutants and their degradation products
  • taxonomic and functional genes of microorganisms
  • hydrological tracers.


Isodetect evaluates

  • the natural and stimulated degradation of pollutants in contaminated sites
  • remediation strategies for contaminated sites
  • the forensic causes of damaging events
  • the protection of drinking water aquifers
  • the origin and behaviour of natural gas in reservoirs.


Use natural attenuation in contaminated sites. Identify polluters.

Natural or stimulated attenuation of pollutants is now used efficiently in the remediation of contaminated sites. Depending on the pollutant profile and remediation goals, we often use several methods to detect pollutant decline and to monitor the success of active in situ procedures. More….

Evaluate drinking water ressources.

Groundwater age and mixing ratios are determined by tracers (e.g., tritium, 2H, 18O, FCKW/SF6, 3He, 85Kr, 14C). The results show the protection of drinking water aquifers. More….

Recognize renewable and fossil energies.

Transport and conversion processes of natural gas and crude oil can only be adequately elucidated with isotope analyzes. Renewable energies such as geothermal energy or biogas production are also better exploited with isotope examinations. More….

Microbial Investigation

With microcosms in the field (BACTRAPS) or in the laboratory, metabolite analyzes or molecular genetic analyzes (qPCR), we proof and clarify environmental degradation processes. More….

Isotope Analysis

We determine six isotope ratios using different analytical methods: 13C/12C, 2H/1H, 18O/16O, 37Cl/35Cl, 34S/32S, 15N/13N. The isotopes are separated in special mass spectrometers. More….


Site-specific goals determine the investigation concept, the sampling and the interpretation of the analytical data. To create individual, practice-oriented reports, we combine geological, microbiological and chemical knowledge. More….