You will soon find more detailed information on four topics here.

Natural gas: The isotope values ​​(13C, 2H) of methane and lower alkanes provide important information on the degree of maturity and the origin of natural gas. Special plots (such as the Whiticair chart) can be used to assess the quality of deposits and the functionality of storage facilities. We analyze gas samples from different areas and sediment depths.

Power-to-gas: The future of our energy supply is consists in regenerative processes, the consequent challenge is the storage of the released energy sources. Isodetect is working on projects for sustainable underground injection of hydrogen or methane. Isotope analyzes and microbiological tests are used to investigate the feasibility of storage reservoirs, i.e. potential undesired or damaging biological processes.

Geothermal Energy: The geothermal use of hot pore water requires an insight into the biological and geochemical processes. Isotope analyzes can be used to detect the conversion processes of carbon and sulfur components, which can be essential for the efficient operation of energy plants.

Biogas: Certain methane formation processes in biogas plants can lead to the collapse of energy production. In a research project, we developed an early warning system for the optimized control of plants, which considerably reduces the risk of failure.