Isotope Enrichment Factors

Pollutant degradation in contaminated sites can be quantified in situ by converting the isotopic enrichment into a decrease in concentration. The proportionality factors used in the literature are so-called isotope enrichment factors which are specific for i) pollutants, ii) isotopes iii) degradation reactions and iv) microbial communities. The equations for degradation quantification are described in the basics section.

ISOFRAC Database on Isotope Enrichment Factors

  • over 60 pollutants, e.g. CHC, BTEX, chlorobenzenes, HCH, MTBE, pesticides, ……
  • isotopes 13C/12C (480), 2H/1H (171), 37Cl/35Cl (33), 15N/14N (51)
  • various degradation reactions, e.g. oxic, nitrate, sulphate, iron reduction, methanogenesis; reductive dehalogenation (for LCKW); abiotic reactions (Fe0, oxidizing agent, photolysis)