General significance (quality and quantification) of the most important methods for investigating the degradation of pollutants.

Detection methods for specific contaminant groups

According to our long-year experience, there is no site-independent strategy for characterizing biodegradation of contaminants. The selection of exploration methods is primarily based on the objective, e.g. providing evidence for natural attenuation or preparing in situ enhancement of degradation. Further aspects are contaminant patterns as well as the historical, hydrogeological and remediation conditions. Depending on the contaminant profile, specific methods can be recommended.

Suitable detection methods for the degradation of different pollutant groups

We interpret the analytical results in the context of the pollutant concentrations, environmental factors, and hydrogeological conditions.

Eignung verschiedener Methoden zum Nachweis des biologischen Abbaus bestimmter Schadstoffgruppen: 5* = Schlüsselmethode; 3* = Sekundärmethode; 1* = Ergänzungsmethode.

Suitability of various methods to demonstrate the biological degradation of certain groups of pollutants: 5* = key method; 3* = secondary method; 1* = complement method.