Eignung verschiedener Methoden zum Nachweis des biologischen Abbaus bestimmter Schadstoffgruppen: 5* = Schlüsselmethode; 3* = Sekundärmethode; 1* = Ergänzungsmethode.

Suitability of different methods to detect the biodegradation of certain contaminant groups: 5 * = key method; 3 * = secondary method; 1 * = supplementary method.

Methods to Prove Contaminant Degradation

Isodetect applies isotope and further analytical tools to investigate natural and enhanced attenuation in contaminated sites. We characterize and quantify degradation processes to enable cost-effective remediation concepts. Some methods are also suitable for forensic assignment of polluters.

Tools to Prove and Characterise Contaminant Degradation

At our homepage you get insight into sampling protocols, detection limits for isotope analyses, the time frame, and the price ranges for our analytical services.